Garden and Flower Show 2010

February 24, 2010

Sushi Flowers by Christopher Grigas

Sushi Flower Design by Christopher Grigas of In Bloom

The Garden and Flower Show at Hudson Valley College brings out amazing local floral talents every year.  Last year I designed this “Dinner for One” arrangement for the show and proudly won 1st place in the category.  The floral competition for this year is geared to be even better than ’09….including 11 new categories in floral design competition and a brand new Designer’s Challenge Event where the public decides the winner (with yours truly as emcee).

Show runs March 26th-28th…

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"an intimate dinner for two"

Table display by Christopher Grigas

New York in Bloom Flower Show

Held at The New York State Museum

Albany, New York

A flower show is an incredible opportunity for a florist to show their skill to potential clients…a virtually-free, life-sized advertisement which only costs us flowers…& time.  These opportunities only arise a few times a year.  I take full advantage of the extended hand.

I created this inspired design as “an intimate dinner for two” using Super-Green Roses, Green Prado Carnations, Green Fuji Mums, Kermit & Yoko Ono Mums, Green Fashion Roses, Curly Willow, Poplar Branch, and Steel Grass.  Keeping the design monochromatic (only one color) has a higher visual impact value, cohesive quality and is more memorable to viewers.  I used the twig/stem/grass elements to create a bridge between the two orb designs, yet extended them further out to add graceful natural curves to the highly dramatic and kinetic display.  The simplicity of the low black bowl mounded with blushing Roses gives a hint of romance to an otherwise modern design.

Taupe & Lavender Floral Table Center

My career path has been a winding road.   I am passionate about my education and career in horticulture and am thrilled to be named’s Horticulture Expert.   Please take a look at the interview…and get to know me a little better. Here is the link…copy & past to your browser.

a word for brides…

January 2, 2010

Delicate & Pastel Hand-Tied bouquet

The bride’s bouquet…

When I discuss the bride’s bouquet for a wedding, my intention is to showcase the personality of the bride.  If I can convey the bride’s personality through her flowers, I have created the perfect design for her.  Hearing the words “this is so me” from a bride, tells me that what I have created is just for her…no one else.   What I find that brides want especially is a compilation of Individuality, disctinction, thoughtfulness, style and creativity from my designs.  Every bride is different and need different amounts of guidance.

Flawless wedding bouquets take time to create, but take more than creativity to execute flawlessly.

I am looking forward to my 2010 weddings…Thank you all for your trust and confidence in my work.

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J Schwanke from JTV & visited in early September and asked me to create something that I would enjoy making…something that was self-inspired.  I have always had a special love for shelter designs and thought that it would be great to show the world my passion for this elegant, yet naturalized style.

Thanksgiving flowers…

November 14, 2009


let Autumn be the theme...not Thanksgiving.

Sending flowers for the Thanksgiving holiday is a good idea for many…whether you don’t cook, can’t make an invitation, or just want someone to feel appreciated…the gesture is always appropriate and the thanks keep coming.  Even when I am invited and arrive to a Thanksgiving dinner with a floral gift, along with a side dish to eat, the flowers are adored by the host/hostess.  The best thing to bring/send is an arrangement that is not necessarily a “table centerpiece”.   Get creative and bring something that complements the home rather than screams “I’m a Thanksgiving Centerpiece!”  Thanksgiving is about gathering with loved ones…and food.  Flowers don’t get much attention till after dinner or even till Black Friday, but they certainly last longer than turkey and brighten the home in a dreary, rainy, and cold time of year.

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Textured Autumnal Floral Design
Textured Autumnal Floral Design

when creating seasonal designs for Autumn, I tend to lean toward  more botanical elements than petalous flowers.  Don’t get me wrong…I adore lush blooms as much as anyone, but for Autumn, texture is king.  This design above includes Rosemary, Chamomile, Hypericum, African Brezilia, Rose hips, Leucadendron, Sage, Millet, Eucalyptus, Scabiosa seed dead, Antique Hydrangea, French garden spray Rose & Orange Parrot Tulip.  Using only one or two stems of each creates a cottage garden look with high style and endless texture….and earthy fragrance…a  seamless marriage or apothecary and culinary botanicals.  Remember…Lush and low lasts.  Long stems…short life.

In Bloom…Original Designs by Christopher Grigas

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