Easter Flowers

April 12, 2009

Easter Pastels

Easter Pastels

Easter Pastels

When one of my very loyal customers (an interior designer) asked me to create an Easter design for one of his upscale clients, I was thrilled.  I thought it best to send something tasteful with a subtle organic feel.  The colors needed to reflect the holiday without using the typical flowers that we all too often see in so many designs.  The composition of pastel Antique Hydrangea, Dutch Tulips, Muscari, Viburnum, Roses, and Cymbidium Orchids blended perfectly in the ivory stoneware bowl that mimics an eggshell beautifully.  All too often we see tablecenters that are too tall for our field of vision.  This low bowl is a perfect design when entertaining guests because you can not only see across the table, you can also see all of the beautiful blooms in the design…and if you squint and imagine it…the tulips look a bit like pink eggs hidden in a blooming garden.

Happy Easter.


One Response to “Easter Flowers”

  1. Dore' Says:

    Absolutely Fab!

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