Learning to see, not look…

June 19, 2009

by Christopher Grigas of In Bloom

by Christopher Grigas of In Bloom

“Don’t just look at things…learn to see things”.   Internationally recognized Dutch floral designer Els Teunissen said this at a floral design seminar I attended once…and it changed my outlook on floral design forever.  The meaning of the phrase went deeper than just color or texture of flowers.  To me, it meant that I needed to release my own visual boundaries and allow my imagination to run uninhibited.  I find if I set my imagination free, I have a endless amount of resources in my mind’s eye for inspiration.   Nature is one of the forces that drive my imagination and conjure up inspiration, sometimes from the simplest concept.  The arrangment pictured above was inspired bye the concept of protection and shelter.  The notion that something as elemental as bark could set my imagination on fire was inspiring and evoked a new creation….this design.  Though the costruction is simple with very few flowers, the impact is dramatic.  Keeping floral designs simple and stripped down to the basic elements is what I notice people reacting most to.  I learned to see past the rotten felled tree…that it’s bark could be used to reconstruct a shelter….for flowers.


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