Floral designs should change with the seasons….

September 13, 2009

Textured Autumnal Floral Design
Textured Autumnal Floral Design

when creating seasonal designs for Autumn, I tend to lean toward  more botanical elements than petalous flowers.  Don’t get me wrong…I adore lush blooms as much as anyone, but for Autumn, texture is king.  This design above includes Rosemary, Chamomile, Hypericum, African Brezilia, Rose hips, Leucadendron, Sage, Millet, Eucalyptus, Scabiosa seed dead, Antique Hydrangea, French garden spray Rose & Orange Parrot Tulip.  Using only one or two stems of each creates a cottage garden look with high style and endless texture….and earthy fragrance…a  seamless marriage or apothecary and culinary botanicals.  Remember…Lush and low lasts.  Long stems…short life.

In Bloom…Original Designs by Christopher Grigas

visit our website…www.ShopInBloom.com

Call to order or set up a consultation…518-226-0045


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