Thanksgiving flowers…

November 14, 2009


let Autumn be the theme...not Thanksgiving.

Sending flowers for the Thanksgiving holiday is a good idea for many…whether you don’t cook, can’t make an invitation, or just want someone to feel appreciated…the gesture is always appropriate and the thanks keep coming.  Even when I am invited and arrive to a Thanksgiving dinner with a floral gift, along with a side dish to eat, the flowers are adored by the host/hostess.  The best thing to bring/send is an arrangement that is not necessarily a “table centerpiece”.   Get creative and bring something that complements the home rather than screams “I’m a Thanksgiving Centerpiece!”  Thanksgiving is about gathering with loved ones…and food.  Flowers don’t get much attention till after dinner or even till Black Friday, but they certainly last longer than turkey and brighten the home in a dreary, rainy, and cold time of year.

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One Response to “Thanksgiving flowers…”

  1. Sue Weisser Says:

    Chris, So many times someone will comment that they don’t need a centerpiece because the table will be full of dishes of Thanksgiving yummies.
    But you hit the nail on the head. What could be a better treat for your hostess than a beautiful bouquet that she/he can enjoy days after sll the dishes have been cleared away. Something bright to remind them how appreciated they truly are!!!

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