Garden and Flower Show 2010

February 24, 2010

Sushi Flowers by Christopher Grigas

Sushi Flower Design by Christopher Grigas of In Bloom

The Garden and Flower Show at Hudson Valley College brings out amazing local floral talents every year.  Last year I designed this “Dinner for One” arrangement for the show and proudly won 1st place in the category.  The floral competition for this year is geared to be even better than ’09….including 11 new categories in floral design competition and a brand new Designer’s Challenge Event where the public decides the winner (with yours truly as emcee).

Show runs March 26th-28th…

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Anemone & Gerbera Daisy

Anemone & Gerbera Daisy

I have learned over the past few years that when I design flowers in larger containers, it is not always necessary to fill all of the space with flowers & foliages.  It may seem irresistable to fill all of the space in a vessel, but sometimes the negative space in the arrangement helps effectively feature the beauty of the simple blooms in it.  The old saying “less is more” seems cliche in the design world, but you can certainly see when it works.  I enjoy challenging my own floral design skill… it helps me justify my title as a professional florist.   Anyone can fill a container to the hilt with luscious blooms and feel accomplished in their arrangement.  The difference you get from a professional is the ability to grasp and execute the concepts of scale, proportion, shape, harmony, line and color.

Creating a single-flower or minimalist floral design helps me and others appreciate the fine botanical qualities of the blooms.  This simple design of Anemone and Gerbera Daisy is a good example of effective design that required very few flowers but has a distinct and strong presence.  Additionally, these arrangements are very long lasting and are perfect for coffetables, bedsides and bathrooms where tranquility is appreciated.

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Easter Flowers

April 12, 2009

Easter Pastels

Easter Pastels

Easter Pastels

When one of my very loyal customers (an interior designer) asked me to create an Easter design for one of his upscale clients, I was thrilled.  I thought it best to send something tasteful with a subtle organic feel.  The colors needed to reflect the holiday without using the typical flowers that we all too often see in so many designs.  The composition of pastel Antique Hydrangea, Dutch Tulips, Muscari, Viburnum, Roses, and Cymbidium Orchids blended perfectly in the ivory stoneware bowl that mimics an eggshell beautifully.  All too often we see tablecenters that are too tall for our field of vision.  This low bowl is a perfect design when entertaining guests because you can not only see across the table, you can also see all of the beautiful blooms in the design…and if you squint and imagine it…the tulips look a bit like pink eggs hidden in a blooming garden.

Happy Easter.

Early April offerings…

April 5, 2009

Spanish Lavender

Spanish Lavender

It is so inspiring when I open my flower packages to find some of the most stunning fresh blooms from around the world.  This week I was greeted by Guilder Rose (Viburnum), French Tulips and Garden Roses, Rust & Wine colored Ranunculus, Gloriosa Lily, and Spanish Lavender (pictured).  The natural curves of the stems, the fragrances, and the colors make it so easy to create beautiful floral designs.  I even planted a few terra cotta pots with Wheatgrass seed yesterday.  It will take about 2 weeks for the little pots to look full of the bright green blades…a sure sign of spring!   I’d love to know your favorite spring flower!  Before we know it…the world will be In Bloom again….

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